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Aim for Excellence


Our shooting program in collaboration with Elite Shooting Academy caters to all individuals across all age groups (9 and above). Each program curated builds upon the previous one, gradually advancing the shooter's skills and preparing them for higher levels of competition and performance from the intra-school to the national level. The program will be overseen by qualified Air Rifle/Air Pistol coaches under the supervision of Rakesh Manpat, Technical Director of Elite Shooting Academy.

(For any recognized competition the minimum age for participation is 10 years for air gun events. Only a competitor who has completed the age of 10 years (for Air Gun events on the first day of the competition including state / zonal / AIGVMSC or any other competition recognized by the NRAI will be permitted to participate in competitions being conducted under NRAI Match Book.)

Our Facilities

Experience precision at JASE's 20-lane 10-meter shooting range, designed to deliver top-notch coaching and training. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures shooters receive quality instruction and practice opportunities. Elevate your skills under expert guidance and perfect your aim in a conducive environment at JASE.

Meet Your Coaches

Rakesh Manpat

Rakesh Manpat is a highly regarded shooting coach known for his expertise in various shooting disciplines, particularly in rifle shooting. He has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally for his coaching abilities and as an athlete himself. Rakesh Manpat has worked with numerous athletes, helping them hone their skills and achieve success in competition such as Former World No. 1 Apurvi Chandela and 2020 Paralympic Champion Avani Lakhara and his coaching methodology often emphasizes technique, mental preparation, and consistency, key elements in the precision-oriented sport of shooting. Manpat's contributions to the sport have been instrumental in producing top-level shooters and elevating the standard of shooting in India and beyond.

Why JASE Shooting?

  1. Expert Coaching: Our dedicated team, led by experienced coaches like Rakesh Manpat, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to elevate your shooting.
  2. Holistic Approach: We go beyond conventional training, incorporating essential techniques, pressure drills, and match play to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded development for every athlete.
  3. Proven Legacy: With a rich history of producing champions across various sporting disciplines, JASE Shooting stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering success.
  4. Beacon of Opportunity: JASE Swimming isn't just a training ground; it's a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring athletes. We provide the platform for you to reach the pinnacle of your shooting career.
  5. Transformative Journey: Choosing JASE Shooting means embarking on a transformative journey where you'll not only refine your skills but also discover the champion within you.

Our Training programme

The beginner program focuses on establishing a strong foundation in safety, equipment handling, and fundamental shooting techniques. Each week progressively builds upon the previous one, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the basics of air rifle and pistol shooting.

Participants in the beginner program will learn the following:

  • Introduction to safety measures and equipment overview.
  • Basic shooting stance and grip.
  • Breathing techniques and trigger control practice.
  • Dry firing exercises for muscle memory.
  • Introduction to sighting techniques and target acquisition.
  • Practice aiming and sight alignment drills.
  • Implementing sight picture techniques.
  • Working on consistency in shooting stance and grip.
  • Emphasize follow-through and shot execution.
  • Introduction to mental training and visualization exercises.

The intermediate program builds upon the foundational skills established in the beginner program, focusing on refining technique, enhancing precision, and preparing for competitive shooting. Emphasizing on specific aspects of shooting technique and mental preparation to help shooters advance to the next level.

Participants in the Intermediate level will learn the following:

  • Advanced Swing Techniques that enhance your swing precision and consistency while mastering shot shaping for better control of the ball's flight path. Practice drills to ensure reliable swing execution.
  • Detailed review of shooting stance, grip, and trigger control.
  • Intense focus on breathing techniques and control.
  • Incorporate video analysis for improvement.
  • Advanced sighting techniques and target acquisition drills.
  • Techniques for minimizing movement during aiming.
  • Precision drills to enhance accuracy.
  • Focus on consistent shot execution and follow-through.
  • Mental training exercises to enhance focus and concentration.
  • Visualization techniques for optimal performance.
  • Simulated competition scenarios to develop resilience.
  • Fine-tuning equipment and addressing technical issues.
  • Mental preparation and relaxation techniques for competition day

The advanced program is designed to refine and elevate the skills of experienced shooters, focusing on fine-tuning technique, enhancing precision, and mastering mental aspects crucial for competitive success. Each week provides targeted training and analysis to help shooters achieve peak performance.

Participants in the advanced level will work on the following:

  • Fine-tuning shooting stance, grip, and trigger control for maximum stability.
  • Advanced trigger control drills for precise shot execution.
  • Incorporating biomechanical analysis for further refinement.
  • Advanced sighting techniques under various conditions.
  • Mental training for maintaining focus and concentration during extended sessions.
  • Implementing strategies for dealing with competition pressure.
  • Precision drills to enhance accuracy at different distances.
  • Video analysis and feedback sessions for continuous improvement.
  • Reviewing competition performances and identifying areas for growth.
  • Simulated competition scenarios focusing on strategy and adaptation.
  • Tactical analysis of opponents and planning for different match scenarios.
  • Mental preparation and visualization techniques for peak performance.
  • Intense training sessions to peak physical and mental conditioning.
  • Recovery and relaxation techniques to prevent burnout.
  • Fine-tuning equipment and mental preparation for upcoming competitions.
  • Participating in competitions and reviewing performances for further improvement.
  • Analyzing strengths and weaknesses to adjust training focus for future success.