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TRAIN TO BE THE BEST at JAIN Academy for Sporting Excellence

Under the visionary leadership of the Chairman, JAIN Group of Institutions, JASE PRO offers a remarkable blend of top-notch education and high-performance sports training. Our exclusive "Sports First" strategy ensures that you can pursue your sporting aspirations while maintaining academic excellence.

Our Sports Programme


Be part of our year-round residential programme, a place for sports enthusiasts like you.

Train diligently with full-time access to top-quality grounds and facilities.

Set your goals with support from our experienced coaches.

Get the best education that complements your passion for sports.

What We Expect from You

Commit to the path of greatness through hard work, dedication, and discipline.

Follow the playbook of success: adhere to organisation protocols in academics, fitness, nutrition, sports training, downtime/rest, and all academy activities.

Why Choose JASE PRO?


Balanced Excellence:
Experience a harmonious blend of sports and academics, emphasising the pursuit of sports excellence.

Sports for All:
Choose from Swimming, Shooting, Golf, and Squash, and let your passion take centre stage.

CBSE Affiliation:
Through our partnership with JAIN Public School (JPS), enjoy a world-class education that complements your sporting journey.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:
Train and study in an expansive 350-acre JAIN Global Campus equipped with modern amenities.

JASE PRO Programmes

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JASE PRO Swimming Programme

Dive into Excellence
Programme Overview

Our swimming programme is tailor-made for seasoned swimmers. The pro programme focuses on high-level stroke refinement, advanced training methods, and competitive strategies.

Programme Highlights
  • Master the technique of all four strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, and Breaststroke.
  • Build endurance, power, speed, strength, agility, mobility, and flexibility.
  • Target different energy systems in training sessions.
  • Race-specific training with physiological and psychological aspects.
  • Periodic fitness assessments.
Meet Your Coaches

Gagan Ullalmath - Head Swimming Coach, JIRS
Gagan, an Olympian in London 2012, has earned national and international honors for India. With extensive coaching experience, Gagan shares valuable insights into identifying and nurturing talent.

Mohit Sharma - (NIS Diploma in Sports Coaching) Swimming Coach, JIRS
Mohit, a dedicated Swimming Coach who discovered his passion at age 8. Proudly representing his university at the All India inter-university level, Mohit is committed to raising the profile of swimming in India.

JASE PRO Cricket Programme

Master the Field
Programme Overview

Our cricket programme provides budding cricketers with top-notch training, amenities, and infrastructure, including structured skill development, strength and endurance enhancement, mental training, injury management, and personalised fitness and nutrition.

Programme Highlights
  • Skill development goals.
  • Strength, speed, agility, and endurance enhancement.
  • Mental training techniques.
  • Injury management and recovery.
  • Long-term player development for optimal performance.
  • Feedback and evaluation.
Meet Your Coaches

Aritri Mitra - Cricket Australia level-2; Cricket Coach, JIRS
Aritri Mitra, a Cricket Australia level-2 coach at JIRS. As a former Ranji player, Aritri is a passionate coach adept at cricket techniques, dedicated to cultivating a champion's mindset in players.

Divya Prakash Prasad - ICC Level-2 Coach
Divya, an ICC Level-2 Coach with over 8 years of experience. As a former professional player turned coach, Divya is dedicated to enhancing the skills of aspiring cricketers.

JASE PRO Golf Programme

Swing to Success
Programme Overview

Our golf programme is designed for proficient golfers seeking improvement. The programme focuses on technical, mental, and physical aspects, including advanced swing analysis, mental game and focus development, speciality shots, and competition and tournament preparation.

Programme Highlights
  • Advanced swing analysis.
  • Mental game and focus.
  • Specialty shots and creativity.
  • Competition and tournament preparation.
Meet Your Coaches

Prakash G - Golf Coach, JIRS
Our golf expert, Prakash is a seasoned mentor with rich knowledge and experience. He is known for providing insightful guidance, they fostering a holistic approach to skill development.

JASE PRO Squash Programme

Master the Court
Programme Overview

Our squash programme maximises players' performance through essential training techniques, drills, pressure sessions, and match play, strengthening specific areas of the game.

Programme Highlights
  • Drills and Pressure Drills.
  • Solo Sessions, Drills with Coach.
  • Finishing Shots, Match Play, Practice, Quick Runs, Ghosting, Against 1 Game.
Meet Your Coaches

Prince Thakur - Squash Coach, JIRS
Prince Thakur, our dedicated Squash Coach with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Squash.o, Prince focuses on improving your game through essential training techniques, pressure drills, and match play.

JASE PRO Shooting Programme

Aim for Excellence
Programme Overview

Our precision-focused shooting programme is designed to boost your skills and overall performance. We've crafted it carefully to enhance your proficiency, technique, and mental strength. Elevate your game with us and become a sharper, more resilient shooter!