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Master the Court


At JASE, we transcend the traditional definition of a sports institution, evolving into a centre of inspiration, unwavering dedication, and unparalleled excellence. With a storied history of cultivating champions across a spectrum of sporting disciplines, JASE proudly emerges as a symbol of hope and a gateway to opportunities for aspiring athletes. Within our squash program, students find a unique platform to ascend to the zenith of their game, where we sculpt them into the champions they rightfully aspire to become.

Who are our coaches?

Prince Thakur

Prince Thakur, our esteemed Squash Coach, whose profound expertise and wealth of knowledge in the realm of Squash are unparalleled. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing your game, Prince employs a strategic blend of essential training techniques, rigorous pressure drills, and immersive match-play experiences. Under his guidance, athletes undergo a transformative journey, honing their skills and mastering the intricacies of the sport to achieve their utmost potential.

Why JASE squash?

At JASE Squash, we redefine excellence in squash training, providing an unparalleled environment for athletes to thrive. Here's why choosing JASE Squash sets you on the path to success:

  1. Expert Coaching: Our dedicated team, led by experienced coaches like Prince Thakur, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to elevate your squash game.
  2. Holistic Approach: We go beyond conventional training, incorporating essential techniques, pressure drills, and match play to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded development for every athlete.
  3. Proven Legacy: With a rich history of producing champions across various sporting disciplines, JASE Squash stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering success.
  4. Beacon of Opportunity: JASE Squash isn't just a training ground; it's a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring athletes. We provide the platform for you to reach the pinnacle of your squash career.
  5. Transformative Journey: Choosing JASE Squash means embarking on a transformative journey where you'll not only refine your skills but also discover the champion within you.

Join us at JASE Squash and be part of a community that values inspiration, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of your squash journey.

Our Training programme

At JASE, a beginner embarks on their journey by immersing themselves in foundational elements, emphasising the acquisition of fundamental skills, court awareness, adherence to basic rules, and the mastery of proper techniques.

Participants in the beginner program will learn the following:

  • Learn basic rules and court etiquette, forehand and backhand grips, and basic footwork
  • 15-20 minutes of light jogging or skipping, followed by interval training (30 seconds high intensity, 1-minute rest) repeated for 15 minutes
  • Wall drills for ball control, including hitting the ball against the front wall using both forehand and backhand
  • 20 minutes of continuous cardio exercises (running, jumping jacks, or cycling), focusing on lateral and diagonal movement on the court
  • Introduce basic solo drills for racket control and maintaining a ready position
  • 20 minutes of cardio (running or skipping) followed by mini-matches with a partner to simulate game situations
  • Rest or engage in light activity

Progressing beyond the novice stage, an intermediate-level squash player at JASE undergoes a transformative phase, refining foundational skills and introducing advanced elements. This includes the mastery of nuanced shots like boasts and drops, the assimilation of intricate tactical strategies into gameplay, an emphasis on elevating fitness levels for enduring longer rallies, and the cultivation of a diverse repertoire of serves and returns to maintain unpredictability on the court.

Participants in the Intermediate level will learn the following:

  • Incorporate ghosting drills to improve footwork and court coverage
  • 15 minutes of high-intensity cardio and solo drills focusing on volleys and drop shots
  • Learn basic squash strategies and practice shot selection based on game scenarios
  • 20 minutes of cardio followed by full matches with a partner to implement strategies
  • 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio and bodyweight exercises for strength and conditioning
  • Refine techniques including serves and returns through solo and partner drills
  • Rest or engage in light activity

Within JASE, advanced-level squash players undergo an intensive training regimen meticulously crafted to propel their game to unprecedented levels of excellence. The institution prides itself on offering a thorough and personalised approach to advanced squash training, intricately honing each facet of a player's performance. This all-encompassing strategy encompasses not only the physical dimensions of the game but also the mental fortitude required for top-tier competition. With an unwavering commitment to refinement, JASE stands as a beacon for those aspiring to compete and succeed at the pinnacle of the sport, providing a platform where dedication and expertise converge to shape elite squash athletes.

Participants in the advanced level will work on the following:

  • Drills for technical skills improvement including forehand/backhand drives and advanced volley techniques.
  • Tactical game scenario integration for enhanced strategic awareness and deceptive shot execution.
  • Strength and resistance training focusing on compound exercises and sport-specific upper body conditioning.
  • Agility drills emphasising quick directional changes alongside sprints and interval training for speed development.
  • Match simulations to replicate tournament conditions and apply coached strategies effectively.
  • Cardiovascular endurance training through high-intensity interval sessions with squash-specific drills, complemented by mindfulness practices for mental resilience and complete rest on designated recovery days prioritising hydration and nutrition.