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JASE recognizes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and strives to maintain a fine balance between sports and academics. The trainees will enjoy the benefits of workouts in state-of-the-art multi gym besides a host of offbeat sports activities such as horse riding, karate, micro lite flying and parasailing to rejuvenate their spirits.

Counseling, motivational talks, mental toughness and competitiveness are an integral part of the training schedule more so before students take part in various inter- schools, state and national and international tournaments. It is encouraging to note that parents have backed the academy in the sports programmes encouraging their wards in a big way.

The best of professional coaches impart specialized training with individual attention and scientific training to help the trainees reach the highest levels of excellence. Digitalized performance analysis of trainees by these professionals is used to detect their mistakes and improve upon them. In addition, JASE caters to general physical fitness of the trainees that includes schedules such as Swimming, Yoga and workouts in the Gym under highly qualified and experienced physical fitness training experts. Meditation and Yoga sessions under the supervision of qualified trainers will further enhance concentration and focus of the trainees.

All the hard work that goes in the various training methods finally results in good performances in competitions. Exposure is an integral part of the JASE sports program. Trainees will take part in various international competitions State /National/International tournaments.
The path to reach international level in a sport discipline is very tough but not impossible. It requires the highest level of dedication, determination, dedication and willingness to work hard. Above all, the ambition to bring laurels to the country, JASE is the place for people who dream of international success.

Achievers Meets
Sports personalities who have done exceptionally well in their sports disciplines are invited to the campus and placed before the trainees as role models. The trainees will get an opportunity to interact with these personalities and imbibe a desire to succeed. International achievers will be invited to provide that extra tip on a regular basis.

Audio Visual Training
JASE has an amazing collection of books, magazines, journals, CD-ROMS, audio and videocassettes on sports. Trainees will get opportunity to watch matches played in the past to enhance their performances.

Sports trainees require a highly balanced diet to sustain the intensity of the training. A professional and highly qualified dietician with rich experience in sports diet is involved in prescribing the apt diet for the budding champions.

Sports Psychologist
The pressure on young minds to achieve great success is very high and competitions conducted at all levels are the toughest. The difference between winning and losing happens within a split second. The Sports Psychologist plays a vital role in channeling all the talent, mental and physical strength to optimum use in order to create champions.

Sports Medicine
Sports competitions require sustained efforts on sports persons. Hence sport injuries management, recuperation and rehabilitation is given importance at JASE.

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