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With its vibrant curriculum and excellent sports facilities, JASE is a sportsperson’s retreat.

JASE has a lush green international standard turf football ground that is fitted with Pop-Up sprinklers.

JASE has excellent facilities for Basketball Enthusiasts. The academy has 04 concrete/cemented courts and 03 clay courts of which 02 have Floodlights.

JASE has 04 synthetic courts (Plexi-cushion), 01 clay court, cemented court of which 02 synthetic courts have floodlight facilities.

JASE has a natural turf Hockey ground of international standard fitted with Pop-up sprinklers.

JASE has 07 Volleyball courts of International standard.

Table Tennis
JASE has excellent facilities for table tennis with 15 Tennis tables.

Athletics Arena
A 400 meters natural track, athletic arena and a covered stand with a capacity for more than 5000 seating spectators

Aquatic Centre
JASE has an Olympic standard Swimming Pool (Short course) of size 25 mts x 22 mts with 8 lanes.
It has an in house filtration with aeration plants that on average filters up to 8.0 lakh litres of water on a daily basis. In addition, there are dressing rooms and showers. This apart, JASE has a Toddlers Pool and viewer’s gallery that can seat more than 600 spectators.

Further, a 50-meter championship pool is under construction with water polo playing facilities. The pool has separate diving pools, independent 25 -meter diving boards and a seating capacity of 1500 spectators. This is set to be completed in April 2004

Equestrian Centre
Horse- riding is a sport at JASE. With ten horses and two ponies in its stable, Horse riding is one of the most popular sports disciplines on campus. But why horse riding? One needs to look beyond the entertainment component that we have normally come to associate with these merchants of speed. Besides the sheer thrill of watching horses from a distance in full flow, there is a majestic grandeur in horses not found in other animals. A rider has to inculcate important aspects of animal health care such as grooming and caring. Students get the opportunity to watch the trainers and doctors take care of the animals and imbibe the finer aspects of animal rearing.
Though a horse is one of the strongest and mot powerful animals, any lapse in its care could signal its demise!

JASE has a full- fledged Gymnasium with the latest equipments for physical conditioning with separate timings for Boys and Girls. This Air- Conditioned Multi-Purpose Gymnasium will be available for use by the trainees. The Gym has facilities such as Chest Conditioner and Press Station [80 kgs], Dipping, Leg Press [100 kgs], Seated Rowing [75 kgs], Latissimus Station [75 kgs], Peck Deck [75 kgs.], Leg Extension/ Leg Curve [75 kgs], Hip Flexor, Chinning Station, Twister, Chromium plated MS –Radius Weight Stack, Smith Machine New Model with 2.2 meters Rod, Clamps, Collar and Keys, Smith Bench, Abdominal Board with Ladle, Fore Arm Machine [50 kgs], Roman Chair, Double Trunk Twister, Body Jack, imported Ex-Cycles, imported Manual Treadmill, Dumbbell Stand, MMS Chromed Dumbbells with Rubber Rings and Rubber Handles of different sizes and MS Chromed Barbell Weights.

Obstacle Course
JASE has a full-fledged obstacle course to help the trainees build up coping mechanisms. Some of the obstacles in the course include Pebble Crossing, Rope Ladder, Beam Balance, Step Balance, Tarzan Swing, Tyre Wall, Stone Wall, Alpine Ladder, Finger Balance, Monkey Crawling, River Crossing, Tunnel Crossing, and Tyre Balance amongst others. Absolute care is exercised to ensure that trainees do not take too much load.

SPRINTOOR, an indoor stadium with a total built up area of 80000 sq feet. The multidiscipline stadium is being constructed at a total cost of 1800 lakhs with the following facilities:
1. 04 nos Badminton courts with wooden flooring
2. 01 nos Basketball court.
3. Table Tennis hall with 15 tables.
4. Squash courts with viewer’s gallery-02 nos.
5. Billiards and Snooker hall with six tables.
6. Bowling Alley-04 lane.
7. Two Gyms with most modern gym equipment.
8. Taekwondo/ Karate hall.
9. Aerobic Center.
10. Sauna.
11. Jacuzzi.

Nine-Hole Golf Course
The game of Golf is played on a course, the object being to hit a small ball into each of a series of holes, could be anywhere between nine or eighteen holes depending on the course, using a set long-handled clubs and taking as few strokes as possible.

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