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Mr. Sandeepani is an unassuming persona gifted with enormous expertise. A graduate and alumni of Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, he is always busy working behind the scenes. His special skills and insatiable appetite for knowledge has seen him retain an exceptional involvement and focus on sports. Even more impressive is his uncanny ability to pick and excel in offbeat activities. His knowledge of horses and equestrian competitions is amazing, a true embodiment of the saying, where there is a will there is a way.

Mr. Alex Kingsley has had an illustrious career in sports and brings with him rare precision, energy and unmarked enthusiasm. Always informed and abreast with the least in his chosen field, he has behind him a bounty of awards in Badminton and Cricket, won at State and University level competitions. He was also a Troop Commander of the NCC wing in Madurai. A graduate with a Master of Philosophy degree, he blends both theory and practice. What is more, Mr. Alex is a qualified Badminton State referee.

Mr.Vijay Kumar is a junior national level volleyball player, having donned the Karnataka State colors between 1995 –96 and doubles up as a qualified Volleyball referee. A graduate of Physical Education, Sri Vijay Kumar is always at ease with the young sports enthusiasts at the campus.

Mr. Kumar Chandran is a qualified athletics coach and a Gym Fitness instructor. He represented Karnataka State at Athletic Meets.

Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose is a graduate in Physical Education and is immensely popular with his colleagues and students alike. An avowed computer buff, he has always been receptive to original thoughts not only for his personal advancement but all those he associates with. He has turned out for Tamil Nadu State in Basketball for many years and also took part in the Asian Basketball Championships in 1998 and 2003 besides attending International Coaching.

Mr Amrish Tony, BA holds a NIS Diploma in Swimming from the Sports Authority of India (SAI). Mr. Tony participated and won medals at the Indo-Sri Lankan Club Meets in Bangalore between 1995 - 97, competed at the All India Inter University Swimming Competitions for three consecutive years and a National Sub Junior and Junior Swimming Competitions.

He also holds a certificate in swimming from ‘Hall of fame Australia’ and has worked with Sports Authority of India, training children in the age groups of 7 –16 for State and National Level Swimming Competitions.

Ms Deepali is a graduate and a qualified swimming coach. A national level swimmer, she won medals at the 12th National South Zone, National School Games and South Zone Aquatic Meets. Quiet, unassuming and deeply involved in her work, she has a tremendous will and interest to improve her knowledge.

Sri Srihari has represented Karnataka in various national level volleyball tournaments and also participated in state level volleyball tournaments.

Sri Hari holds a postgraduate degree in Physical Education and has set himself lofty ideals. Young energetic and bubbling with innovative concepts, he has always fulfilled his tasks with élan and has never shied away from novel or challenging engagements. A sound performer and proficient in a host of sport disciplines, the youngster combines unmatched expertise with sound techniques.

Sri B.Somakumar, BA holds NIS Diploma in coaching Basketball from Sports Authority of India. During his playing days, he represented Bangalore University and Indian Telephone Industries at different tournaments and has also donned the Karnataka State Basketball team colors for eight years. Sri. Somakumar has been coach of Indian Telephone Industries, Karnataka State Men and Women teams at national level championships apart from coaching Karnataka State Junior Boys and Girl’s teams. Presently, he is the coach of the Karnataka State Basketball team.

Mr. A. William Joseph has years of experience in sports having graduated in Physical Education with distinction. He is sociable and his mastery of the language is best reflected in his oratory skills. His willingness to learn from both his juniors and seniors puts him way ahead of others in his position. Suffice it to say that the zest he brings to his chosen discipline has won him due recognition. He is a recipient of a State Award for Promotion of Sports.

Ms. Madhu is a graduate in Physical Education. A young and extremely sociable person, she is meticulous in her conduct of various activities with an eye for detail. She has always handled her young trainees with the ease of a veteran. Ms. Madhu has shown a never-ceasing urge to keep abreast with the latest skills, retains a rare devotion and commitment to her work and goes about her tasks with the enthusiasm that is only unique to her qualities.

Sri Mathapati is a man of scholarly tastes and fervently committed to nurturing of young sports talent. He is proficient in various sports disciplines including indigenous games. A person with immense talent and dedication, he is a strict disciplinarian yet approachable. He is sincere in his work, at ease with children of all age groups and his advanced knowledge puts him a class apart.
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